Festa del Quartiere Civita Falconara

Local food lovers can’t absolutely lose quarters or districts’ festivities. A unique opportunity to enjoy dances, songs and traditional dishes, prepared according ancient recipes of housewives of quarters and districts, doing the best for the occasion.

Everything enriched by typical areas in which characters dressed up with traditional dresses remember ancient jobs, games, music and traditions that have been forgotten over decades. This makes the atmosphere magic and time seems to stop, going back to our ancestors’ times with exciting and unchained typical parties on the notes of a saltarello (folk dances of Ciociaria) and excellent local wine.


Festa della Contrada Collecarino

Festa del Quartiere Ponte

Festa Contrada Vallone

Festa della Contrada Vignepiane

Festa della Contrada Vignepiane

Festa della Contrada Vuotti