Angolo Folcloristico del Quartiere Arco

In the town centre, quarters and districts, magnificently and carefully, set up the characteristic areas in which they recreate scenes of past times.
Original dresses of epoch, ancient jobs, popular games, unchained dances, traditional songs accompanied by culinary specialities with an excellent local wine.

Then, all quarters’ supporters, inhabitants and visitors will dance all together in Piazza Municipio on the notes of typical “saltarello


Angolo Folcloristico del Quartiere Civita Falconara

ngolo Folcloristico del Contrada Collecarino

 Angolo Folcloristico del Quartiere Ponte

Angolo Folcloristico del Contrada Vallone

Angolo Folcloristico del Contrada Vignepiane

Angolo Folcloristico del Contrada Vuotti